Magical Greek inspired evening at St.George OpenAir Cinema

Greek City Times partnered with St.George to present Mamma Mia! at the St George OpenAir Cinema last month on Sydney’s stunning harbour at Mrs Macquaries Point.

Set against a backdrop spanning the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and city skyline, it was a memorable Hellenic inspired evening- where over 1800 guests enjoyed live Greek music, food and incredible ambience- making it a magical experience, reminiscent of the beautiful Aegean sea.

A special appearance was made by much loved comedic character Effie Stephanidis (Mary Coustas) who had the crowd in tears laughing with her introduction and Chairman of the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Bank of Sydney, Nick Pappas, also welcomed the audience with his opening speech.

In attendance to soak up the glorious atmosphere were Real Housewives of Sydney stars Athena X Levendis and Matty Samaei, as well as television news presenter John Mangos and wife Tanny, leading fashion designer Constantina Danis of Constantina and Louise, fashion blogger Love Anastazia and Consul General of Greece Dr Stavros Kyrimis.

George Frazis, Westpac’s Chief Executive, Consumer Bank
George Frazis, Westpac’s Chief Executive, Consumer Bank

George Frazis, Westpac’s Chief Executive, Consumer Bank, made a warm and heartfelt speech on the night, summing up the evening and the significance it holds for the Greek Australian community at large.

“We advertised tonight as a ‘Greek night’  but you could argue it’s not exclusively Greek. After all, we’re about to watch a movie with an Italian title, filmed on the Greek Islands of Skopelos and Skiathos, where they speak English and sing songs written by Swedes. You could equally call it ‘multicultural night,” said George.

“The Greek community has been synonymous with multiculturalism since the late 1940s. For most Greek-Australians, though, our parents and grandparents were among that great wave of migrants that made modern Australia,” added George.

Mr. Frazis pointed out that Greek-Australians have become national and international leaders in everything from sport and the arts to business and politics.

“Now we’re everywhere and doing almost everything. In the process, we have enriched the Australian community and helped this nation prosper, just like many other migrant community groups.”

“You know, that’s one of the things I love about Australia: this is a country that opened its doors to the world – and prospered.”

“I’m proud that Greece and Australia are beacons for democracy, the law and freedom. And tonight is an opportunity for us to enjoy this place – and enjoy each other’s company,” said George.

“In other words, tonight is a celebration of people and place- the people we are connected to and the place we belong to. That’s why Mamma Mia is the perfect movie for tonight, as it is a celebration,” concluded George.

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