Greek Fashion Designer Celia Kritharioti hits home run with show in Paris

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They say “where the flowers bloom, so does hope.” Everybody needs hope. So, Celia Kritharioti created it.

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Her first Haute Couture Fashion Show in Paris was called ''The Flowers of Good'' in a charming paraphrase of Charles Baudelaire’s collection of poems, which immediately won the French and gave similar intellectual direction for which the French catwalks are famous.

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In suite 307 on the third floor of the renovated Ritz Hotel, preparations are endless. Seamstresses fixing clothes on the models, makeup artists perfecting the look of the girls, the team of Celia is on the move and Salon Vendome’s crew transforms the baroque space in unassuming white. An inherently positive colour, associated with purity, virginity, innocence, heaven, faith, new beginnings, spirituality and perfection.

Celia Kritharioti
Celia Kritharioti

Outside the Salon Vendome, 200 major journalists from around the world, specialising in Haute Couture are waiting to see the summer collection of Celia Kritharioti, owner of the most ancient Greek fashion houses, established in 1906. "I'm really excited," she says backstage. ''A life dream finally became reality. From a little child I came to Paris and watched the catwalks of major Parisian Houses. I always dreamed of that moment. I think I live in a beautiful dream".

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The Show starts with a phrase of Odysseas Elytis “Παρά λίγη καρδιά θα ΄ταν ο κόσμος όλος” expressing the need of Celia to show her audience that she creates from the heart. Because with no heart to give away and without good energy and creativity, you have nothing to offer to the world.

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Models appeared on the catwalk like Queens of Hearts from their White Palace

Celia’s collection was inspired by the positive energy of the human, created when focusing on dreams of the heart and good intentions. The collection is based on the opening of nodal energy chakras of the body- presented as flowers that bloom and with laces in pale shades.

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YELLOW for the opening of human strength and momentum knowledge. PINK for the opening of the heart, for love, sharing with others and because all derive from the strength of the heart. BLUE to achieve creativity, communication options and people's union. WHITE AND SILVER for transmutation, promotion, self-determination, innocence. In this very romantic collection among the flowered fabrics and pale lace, suddenly bursts the intensity of black.

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The famous designer decided to show her collection in Paris after the prompting of well-known Greek journalist Ada Iliopoulou, who lived in France for years and worked with major production companies, like Mephistopheles Production, and famous world-wide Houses (Miyake, Escada, Schiaparelli, Jitrois, Stephan Rolland etc.). Ada urged Celia to attend the most difficult and demanding Fashion Week and didn’t leave her side, so as to show her collection to the whole planet, under the high standards required in France.

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''This was a childhood dream and together we gave it life. I'm very proud of it'', says the journalist. ''In the programs of the Federation the show of Celia Kritharioti was above Valentino and below JPG and Elie Saab. No matter how much you are acquainted with high standards, it was touching. Greece was on top of the world! Nowfashion, one of the most famous fashion sites worldwide was transmitting the show live, directly online. The show received excellent reviews and showed the bright side of Greece. I think next time will be even stronger and she deserves it because she has worked really hard. The most important thing for me is that with this show, Celia Kritharioti successfully opened the way for other Greek designers to come to Paris and introduce themselves to the planet.''

Greek Fashion Designer Celia Kritharioti hits home run with show in Paris
Greek Fashion Designer Celia Kritharioti hits home run with show in Paris

On the chairs along with the folder with the press release, there was a small gift for all: a beautiful bracelet with a stylish eye, so as to take the good energy of Greece with them after the show.

The defile was organised by Mephistopheles Production. We are now impatiently awaiting the next collection of Celia in Paris in July and now we know the way… so if we cannot find spring, we make it!


Polina Paraskevopoulou


Polina Paraskevopoulou is a Greek journalist who shares her time between her two beloved cities of Paris and Athens. With a love of writing, blogging, fashion and travel, she has now joined the GCT team as one of our main European contributors.

  1. Bravo!

    The designs are Exquisite! Fabrics soft and feminine. The overall style is classically beautiful!

  2. Truly inspirational……renewal, colour and much needed hope. I so enjoyed looking at the lovely, fairytale dresses. Amidst gloom and doom let us not forget to see the beauty that exists in the world and create same in whatever small way we can.

  3. There aren’t enough positive adjectives available in the English vocabulary stating how elegant this collection is. Bravo!!!!:) So proud to be a Greek!!