“Women of Passion, Women of Greece” playing in Sydney



Direct from Athens, "Women of Passion, Women of Greece" is a dramatic show inspired by Greek legendary females Maria Callas, Melina Mercouri, and Medea, and is playing for the first time in Sydney today as part of the Greek Festival of Sydney for 2017.

It is a one-woman theatrical show that captured audiences in Athens following its debut last year and follows three 
legends of art and life whose paths are different
but share the same common characteristic: they are passionate women, incorporating the temperament and values of Greek spirit: passion for life, passion for love, passion for art and creativity, passion for freedom and democracy.

Medea, the tragic figure of ancient Greek drama, blinded by her deep love for her husband, murdered her own children. Maria Callas, the internationally celebrated opera diva, devoted her life to music and let her fate be sealed by a “fatal” romance. Μelina Mercouri, one of the most beloved Greek actresses, singer and politician, who starred in the most well-known international films, fought for culture and democracy.


An actress and a musician meet on stage to bring to life significant historical moments and guide us through this imaginary voyage, where Greece is its departure and arrival at the same time with stops in the hearts of people around the world.

Eugenia Arsenis writing / dramaturgy Agorasti Gogali direction / stage design Dora Lelouda costume design Fotis Mylonas music composition Spyros Rasidakis video design Panagiotis Paskasovitis lighting design Danae Koureta headdresses Petroula Staikou production assistant Georgios Stefanakidis sound engineer

Eleni Arapidi actress Fotis Mylonas musician (vocals, guitar, mandolin, bansuri, percussion instruments)

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