2,500-year-old statue of Greek god found in depths of Black Sea

Russian builders have discovered the head of a 2,500-year-old terracotta statue of a Greek god during underwater construction operation off the Crimean Peninsula, according to recent media reports in Russia.

Head of the underwater archaeology unit of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sergei Olkhovskiy has commented that the discovery of the terracotta is a unique artifact of the Northern Black Sea Region, and says archaeologists have never come across anything like this before.

Supposedly, the sculpture dates back to 5th Century B.C. and is made in Anatolia (Asia Minor). However, more will be confirmed after it has been carefully looked at by specialists of ancient Greek art and additional research work will also be conducted.

“This finding is unique on the northern coast of the Black Sea (…) we believe this head was made in Asia Minor around the 5th Century B.C,” says Olkhovskiy.

GCT Team

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