Government approves waterway for Patra

Government approves waterway for Patra 1

Government approves waterway for Patra 3

The beautiful port city of Patra has received approval for a waterway following similar approvals for Corfu and Paxi.

“The Patra waterway will be the main hub of a waterway network currently being set up and we expect this investment to have multiple benefits for the city and the wider region,” said Patra Port Authority Chairman and Managing Director Nikos Kontoes following the joint ministerial licensing decision.

“Due to procedures, it is an unrealistic goal to launch flights this season,” Kontoes said referring to the timeframe of operations. “We hope that there will be some flights, primarily for promotional purposes, in the coming season.”

Authorities now are seeking an operator who will take over its operation as well as the entity which will oversee the completion of the work.

The construction, installation and licensing of the necessary infrastructure “make the city and the port of Patra the hub of an initial network of waterways in Western Greece, contributing in this way to the development of tourism and to the overall economic growth of the wider region,” the Patra Port Authority said in a statement.