World Health Organisation reports Greek teenagers most overweight in Europe



According to a report published this week by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Greek teenagers are the largest in Europe, with one in three estimated to be either overweight or obese.

The survey results suggest Greece is at the top of the list as 6.5% of Greek adolescents are overweight, compared to the European average of 4%.

“Despite sustained efforts to tackle childhood obesity, one in three adolescents is still estimated to be overweight or obese in Europe, with the highest rates found in Southern European and Mediterranean countries,” said Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO regional director for Europe, who added there was had been an alarming rise in child obesity over the last 15 years, particularly in Eastern Europe.

The report cited a lack of physical activity, as well as poor eating habits – along with economic factors – as the main culprits behind rising obesity.

GCT Team

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