Villa Ypsilon in Peloponnese gaining worldwide attention

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Villa Ypsilon Peloponnese gaining worldwide attention
Villa Ypsilon

Villa Ypsilon is a state-of-the-art new home set in a remote Peloponnesian village in Foinikounta, Messinia, gaining worldwide attention thanks to its unique architectural design and structure.

Designed by London firm LASSA, architects Teo Sarantoglu Lali and Dora Sveijd created a 1,600-square-foot villa that has a concrete shell made of three facades converging to form a single vault.

Villa Ypsilon
Villa Ypsilon

Built into beautiful Grecian landscape, it captures breathtaking views of nearby farmland, mountains and water. This futuristic home aims to capture sounds from a 360-degree space, while the owners of Villa Ypsilon wanted to get the most out of their stunning 360-degree views.

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“The axis of the vaulting roofs are specifically aligned with the island of Schitza towards the south and a bucolic village on the mountain towards the east,” LASSA architect Theo Sarantoglou Lalis told design publication Dezeen.

Inside Villa Ypsilon
inside Villa Ypsilon

Inside, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms set towards the east, while the open-plan living space occupies the south and has access to all three courtyards, which all catch the sun at different times of the day.

Villa Ypsilon Peloponnese gaining worldwide attention
drone view Villa Ypsilon

The facades scoop inwards to give these terraces the benefit of the shade provided by a concrete lip that defines the grassy roof. One hosts an eye-shaped swimming pool and sun deck, while another forms a gravelled patio. The final segment hosts a sunken seating area.

*Source Dezzen

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