Greek café named Best Bakery in Texas

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Screen Shot 2017 06 24 at 3.30.11 pm

Patricia and Tasos Pantazopoulos' Greek café 'Anonymous' located in suburban Sugar Land, was named the best bakery in Texas from a Buzzfeed article  recently published in America.  They received the State award due to exceptional customer reviews by Yelp, which publishes crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses worldwide.

Since then the popular café has seen crowds of people lining outside the door to try some of Patricia's delicious homemade pastries and the most popular item by far is her traditional Ekmek (kataifi, custard and syrup) dessert, which is Patricia’s mother’s secret recipe.

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Anonymous – which received its name because the couple couldn't agree on one- has won over loyal customers due to their traditional, made-from-scratch Greek desserts and great customer service.

There is a also a delicious, full menu, which satisfies both sweet and savoury tastes and most of the food items are Greek inspired.

Tasos is normally behind the counter and is the main barista, who is known to create some of the best coffee in town, from short blacks and lattes to cappuccinos and iced coffee.

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Patricia specialises in Greek dishes and has been catering for a long time, she also teaches cooking classes and currently has a cooking show viewed in several countries around the world

She grew up in Sugar Land, Texas, after her parents migrated to the area from Greece. Patricia met her husband Tasos while visiting her home village and the couple married and lived in Greece for a while, before they moved back to Texas, due to Greece’s economic situation.

The couple decided to open up a Greek café, which also sells some food products from Greece and have been going from strength to strength ever since.

Anonymous Cafe
9920 Highway 90-A, #D130
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Tel: (832)886-4037



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