Greece’s former Olympic Committee President Minos Kyriakou dies 



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Greek media mogul and a former president of the country’s Olympic Committee, Minos Kyriakou, has passed away aged 75.

Kyriakou died Sunday of a heart attack the private Athens Medical Centre announced.

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He became president of the Greek Olympic Committee after Athens hosted the Summer Olympics in 2004 and served in that position until 2009.

He was president of the Panellinios Athletic Club and a former council member of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), having been elected in 2003.

Kyriakou was the chairman of the Antenna Group, which he founded in 1989. It includes popular radio and TV stations in Greece and several Balkan countries, internet providers and a publishing house.

He began his successful career as a ship owner in the mid-1960s and also remained involved in this industry.


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