Tsipras hands Athens over to anarchists: Opposition Leader



Greece’s main opposition party has condemned a move from the Tsipras government to prohibit a ‘legitimate and peaceful protest of police officers’ whilst accusing it at the same time of surrendering Athens to lawlessness and anarchy.

New Democracy has issued a Press Release calling from the resignation of Nikos Toskas, the Citizen Protection Minister's saying "not even 24 hours after Toskas confessed that Exarchia is inaccessible and from his banning of a legitimate, peaceful protest of police officers and the government chose to surrender the centre of Athens to lawlessness and anarchy.

"New Democracy will hold the prime minister personally responsible for anything that happens since he doesn't dismiss the minister of Citizen Protection. Public gatherings are banned for all, but not for the troublemakers who want to impose chaos, burn and destroy public and private property and threaten human lives. Police officers are constantly attacked and injured in neighbourhoods like Menidi, bullets whizz past people's heads," it said.

"That's SYRIZA-ANEL's idea of safety, of a well-governed state and the rule of law," it added.


GCT Team

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