New fires threaten ancient Olympia

New fires threaten ancient Olympia 2

A new fire broke out near the site of ancient Olympia on Wednesday whilst another one started out in Oropos eastern Attica, according to Greek media reports.

In Alfiousa in Ilia, more than 50 firemen and two aircraft are trying to control the blaze which authorities are trying to prevent from reaching the ancient site of Olympia with neighbouring municipalities assisting the efforts with water trucks.

According to the regional governor Giorgos Georgiopoulos the blaze, which is currently burning grassland and forestland, is constantly rekindled by the strong winds blowing in the area.

“We are very close to Ancient Olympia. We must not repeat the mistakes of 2007 when part of the archaeological site was burned,’’ said Georgopoulos.

Georgiopoulos said at some point the flames crossed the Alfios river dam but the firefighting crew working on foot and the volunteers stopped it from advancing further.

“Otherwise the fire would have headed towards Ancient Olympia,” he added.

Meanwhile more than 40 firefighters with 15 vehicles, a 21-member crew on foot, two aircraft and one helicopter are trying to put out the blaze in Oropos but strong winds are hindering their efforts.


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