Refugees set Lesvos camp on fire, attack firefighters and police

More chaos broke out on the island of Lesvos when new refugee riots took place at the refugee reception centre at Moria on Monday.

According to Greek authorities the riots were sparked when a group of refugees began protesting.

Authorities on the ground said the situation escalated till it was ‘out of control’ by 4pm after a group of migrants headed toward the pre-departure centre operating within the camp to protest against the conditions for detainees due to be returned to Turkey.

Police intervened to protect the centre and were met with a barrage of stones, to which they replied with the use of teargas, after which the violence spread.

According to authorities two large tents and one or two container units have gone up in flames while groups of migrants were blocking the fire brigade’s attempts to enter the camp.

Fire fighters were forced to retreat after they were attacked with stones and one fire engine was damaged.


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