Naxos set to break world record serving largest amount of Tiganites Patates

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pat 2

Naxos is getting ready to break the world record of serving the largest amount of Tiganites Patates (fried potatoes), which will take place tomorrow Saturday 15th of July, coinciding with the 8th Annual Potato Festival on the island, which is renowned for its delicious potatoes.

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Over 200 families are involved in cultivation and each year 5,500 tons are produced on the island. The potato of Naxos along with the other agricultural products have made Naxos the largest rural grower of the Cyclades.

The Naxians will begin peeling and cutting 550 kilos of potatoes, which will then be fried and eaten by locals and tourists who will attend the festival.

The record is currently being held by the British Fish and Chip Shop in East London, with 448 kilos of fried potatoes served.

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