Greece tells EU it can’t carry out expected security checks

Athens has told the EU it does not have the capability to systematically screen the large numbers of people using its airports and ports.

Eurocrats have implemented tougher entry and exit system to check both EU and non-EU nationals crossing in and out of the bloc’s external borders in a bid to combat illegal migration and terrorism.

However Greece’s inability to keep up with the new demands has revealed a massive hole in the defensive system before it has even properly begun.

According to Greek media, Greece has submitted a request to be exempt from having to enforce the tough border checks – the second time it has asked to be let off in just four months.

The Greek police have apparently asked for an 18 month exemption from the rules, which came into force in April but hasn’t been implemented in Greece, as they attempt to increase security around their borders.

In a document sent to the EU Commission last week they cite infrastructure and increased traffic at the country’s airports as the reason for being unable to comply. They also added they are unable to carry out full screenings at borders with FYROM and Bulgaria.

Greece’s police insist they will continue “targeted” checks of individuals who they suspect of people trafficking or terrorism and say they are not the only country unable to cope with the new rules.



GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.