Strike this weekend at Athens museums set to take a toll, says Greece’s Tourism Minister


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The Panhellenic Federation of Culture Ministry Employees has announced another strike.

This time a 48-hour strike is set for this weekend, closing museums and archaeological sites in Athens and all across the Attica region, meaning tourists will not be able to visit on Saturday or Sunday.

Greek Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura, responded to the decision by telling employees to “Think twice before such detrimental actions.”

Speaking to Greek media, Kountoura stressed that the decision to strike during peak season is bound to take a toll on tourism. “All tourism stakeholders are concerned. These actions create problems for sector professionals. They must think twice about the strike… if they decide to proceed, it would mean thousands of tourists will find major sites and museums closed,” Kountoura said, adding that this would have a damaging effect on the sector.

Employees are striking due to additional personnel and overtime payment, however the culture ministry has said it is currently working to meet the employees’ demands.


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