Greeks protest against ship that ‘saves’ and deports refugees

A small number of protesters with the support of the Mayor of Ierapetra in Crete protested on Monday against the possible arrival of the controversial C-Star ship.

The ship is chartered by Defend Europe, an alt-right group of activists who according to authorities disrupt humanitarian search and rescue missions of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

The group however claims to save refugees trying to cross into Europe but then returns them to their country of origin.

Defend Europe is currently sailing in the Mediterranean to protest against the migratory route used by refugees and migrants who seek security in other countries saying it wants to preserve Europe’s identity and stop boats with refugees from reaching Europe.

According to Greek authorities the C-Star is currently sailing in international waters 12 miles south of Koufonisi, a small island in the Cyclades. The group has not yet informed Greek authorities whether they intent to disembark in Crete, but it is believed that Monday’s protests will dissuade them from approaching the port.

The mayor of Ierapetra, Theodosios Kalantzakis said his city is against any form of fascism and doesn’t want to host Defend Europe at the port.

“I do not see any intention by the passengers themselves to come to our region anymore, where we have shown that fascism will not pass, [where] we have shown our solidarity and hospitality to the 700 migrants we helped survive with dignity during the days they were hosted in Ierapetra a while ago,” he said.

“My communication with the authorities and the ministry was immediate and Ierapetra responded with the protests yesterday and also with the message I sent to the particular ship through the authorities,” he added.


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