Ouzo Festival draws large crowds to Lesvos



Lesvos held its annual Ouzo Festival, an event dedicated to the world-renowned anise-flavoured Greek spirit, attracting a large crowd of both tourists and island locals.

The 5th Ouzo Fest was organised by the Lesvos Association of Distillers and took place this year in the area of Ladadika in Mytilini town and at the marina in the town of Plomari.

During the festival, restaurants, taverns and cafes around town treated visitors to ouzo and a variety of local products, while Greek traditional music played in the background, inviting all guests to dance and enjoy the occasion.

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The festival included ouzo tasting events and guests were also given the opportunity to sample the spirit from the eight participating distilleries, which included Matarellis, Yiannatsis, EPOM, LEVA, Barbayiannis, EBA, Spentza, Plomariou Isidorou Arvanitou. Visitors were given the fine details of this much loved drop, which has been identified as Greece’s alcohol of choice.

“We aim for the Ouzo Fest to be a quality festival in which visitors will come to know not only Ouzo but also the island’s tradition that is associated with it,” the association said.


GCT Team

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