First floor of Kos Museum reopens today

first floor at the Archaeological Museum of  Kos
first floor at the Archaeological Museum of  Kos

The first floor at the Archaeological Museum of  Kos will be accessible to the public again as of today, Saturday, August 5, the Greek Culture Ministry announced.

The archaeological museum was temporarily closed following the 6.7 magnitude earthquake, which rocked the island in the early hours of July 21. The halls on the ground floor of the museum reopened one week after the earthquake, and today the first level will also be open for visitors.

The Ministry also informed that it is monitoring the new safety measures implemented for the island’s monuments. Additional measures are also expected to launch so the monuments will soon return to their former condition.

According to the Ministry, protective fences have been placed in the island’s western archaeological site (Xistou area, ​​Northern Vespasiana area, Home of Europe area) and safety measures have been implemented at the Forou gate and the Nerantzia Castle.


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