Wildfire continues to burn through Kythera


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Greek reports say a wildfire that has blazed on the southern island of Kythera since Friday morning continues to burn unchecked.

No homes have been damaged, however Kythera's Mayor Mr Efstratios Harhalakis said the fire has consumed at least 1,500 hectares of forest and farmland. Four villages and a monastery were evacuated on Sunday and a fifth village remained evacuated for a second day.

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The Fire Service wouldn't confirm the extent of the damage, but says gusty winds, hilly terrain and highly flammable vegetation make it difficult to control the fire. Officials said 200 firefighters are on the ground and almost all available firefighting planes and helicopters are battling the blaze from the sky.

As of early Sunday evening, more than 40 wildfires had broken out across Greece during the previous 36 hours and only one remained uncontained.

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