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Greek food lovers in New Zealand rejoice! There is a new Greek restaurant where you can indulge in delicious homemade Greek food.

Oikos, which is located in the neighbourhood of Miramar in Wellington, affectionately known by its Greek community as “Little Athens,” opened its doors in June 2017. It has already received rave reviews and has customers coming back for more.

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Owner and Head Chef Theo Papouis explains that “Oikos, pronounced EE-kos, means house and family in ancient Greek and I want people to feel that when they come to my restaurant. I want them to sense they are visiting my home.”

He also added “in creating my restaurant, I aim to capture the essence of my own family – in Cyprus, Greece and Aotearoa – and to express that through beautiful food and wine to be shared.”

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The delightful dishes are made with some interesting ingredients that New Zealand locals may not particularly be familiar with, such as the Sesame Crusted Feta, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with thyme.

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Other delicious options to choose from include the traditional Cretan Dakos (rye rusks, tomato, capers, feta, oregano and olives), their authentic homemade Tzatiki and the Kleftiko (slow cooked lamb) that falls apart as you place your fork in it.

A must try at Oikos is their Loukoumades- everyone’s favourite Greek honey doughnuts, served with walnuts and cream, which have customers claiming “they are to die for!”

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Depending on when you visit, you may also be lucky enough to be able to try their tempting specials, which have previously included dishes such as Halloumi Ravioli (with Kefalograviera, roast garlic, lemon) and Lamb Politiko (grilled ground lamb mince, tzatiki, and homemade pita bread).

Consider yourself warned- bring a huge appetite with you!

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A: 382 Broadway, Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand 6022
T: +64 22 480 0170
W: www.oikos.co.nz

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