Arsonists burning Greece as wildfires continue



Greece’s authorities are battling more than 90 forest fires on multiple fronts in the last 24 hours including fires in Zakynthos, Kefalonia and in the wider region of Kalamos in Attica.

The fires are believed to be the work of arsonists and are believed to be the highest in numbers from the start of the fire season. On the island of Zakynthos alone more than 20 wildfires were reported in the last 24 hours.

Greece’s Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis who is on the island on Zakynthos to coordinate the firefighting operation referred to an organised plan to create a socially volatile situation in the country.

"It is an organised plan (wildfires on Zakynthos) as those we experienced in the last days in Athens and Cyprus. Only yesterday we had 15 forest fires at the same time on Zakynthos. If this is not an organised plan, what is?"

Kontonis praised the firefighting efforts "we have damages in farms and not in houses or settlements and this is thanks to the firemens' huge efforts. The damages will be recorded and the fire-stricken will be compensated".

Meanwhile in Attica, the villages of Microhori and Metohi firefighting crews are giving a huge battle to prevent the blaze of spreading further.

"The hours are very crucial" stated to Athens Macedonian News Agency the secretary general of the Civil Protection Minister Yiannis Kapakis.

Microhori and Metohi are the strategic point of defence and I hope to resist until noon. The efforts focus in this area to prevent the blaze of reaching the hill to Kapandriti which is currently the main threat, said Kapakis.

The blaze is out of control while fire rekindling is reported in Kalamos due to gusty winds blowing in the area.

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