Athens one of Top 10 cheapest cities in Europe for weekend getaway

Greece’s capital city of Athens is amongst the cheapest European cities to spend a weekend away, according to the Post Office Travel Money City Costs Barometer 2017.

The annual report, which surveyed the cost of products and services, including travel cards, coffee, sightseeing and heritage attractions, in 36 European cities, ranked Athens among the top 10 city break destinations in terms of value for money as well as cost and quality for accommodation and dining.

According to the survey, a city break weekend to Athens costs approximately 210 euros including airline tickets, beverages, a two-night hotel stay, dinner for two, city travel, site and museum visits, and transfer from the airport.

As listed by the Travel Money City Costs Barometer, the cheapest European cities to visit for a short stay are in order: Paphos in Cyprus, Vilnius, Riga, Warsaw, Budapest, Cracow, Lisbon, Prague, Athens and Palma. Comparing 17 cities in Southwestern Europe, Athens come in third after Paphos and Lisbon.

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.