FYROM offends Greece with new map including Greek territory

FYROM offends Greece with new map including Greek territory 3

Greece has condemned the provocative participation of FYROM’s Consul General in Toronto, Jovica Palacevski, who participated in an irredentist event which included a map of FYROM that featured Greek territory up to Larissa.

In response, the Greek foreign ministry issued a statement condemning the provocation saying Palacevski’s participation is “a participation that constitutes yet another violation by FYROM of the Interim Accord, which requires abstention from any action supporting territorial claims,” it said in an official statement.

FYROM offends Greece with new map including Greek territory 4

“The backdrop of the platform from which Mr. Palacevski addressed the participants of this event depicted irredentist symbols and a map of FYROM that included Greek territory.

“FYROM’s new government claims that it aspires to a new beginning in its relations with Greece. However, despite the change of leadership, it seems that irredentism continues to be the dominant state ideology and day-to-day political practice in our neighbouring country.

“The renouncement of irredentism, respect for borders, and practical compliance with the principles of good neighbourliness are necessary conditions for the realisation of FYROM’s Euroatlantic aspirations,” it concludes.

The provocation comes on the heels of a clash between FYROM and Serbia where the latter removed all its embassy staff from Skopje in retaliation for its support for Kosovo.

The Greek government is watching with concern the ongoing dispute in which  Serbia accused the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) of “offensive activity” in apparent anger at its neighbor’s improving relations with Kosovo, a former Serbian province and its attempt to pressure for Kosovo’s membership in the U.N. cultural heritage body, UNESCO, as FYROM is one of 114 countries, including 23 EU member states, which recognise Kosovo.

The dispute comes as FYROM is seeking to revive its bid for accession to the European Union and NATO following a period of political upheaval.

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