Maria Menounos opens pop up “Greek Kitchen” in Boston

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Gorgeous Greek American Maria Menounous has unveiled her new business venture, which connects her with her Greek heritage and love of Hellenic cuisine.

The former E!News host is opening a food stand at a major baseball stadium in Medford, Boston, where she grew up.

The pop-up concession stand outside Fenway Park called “Maria’s Greek Kitchen,” features Greek food using all-natural, organic ingredients.

“I come from a long line of professional Greek cooks, so I feel an obligation to stay true to my roots with authentic recipes and high-quality ingredients,” says Maria, who’s partnering in the venture with Aramark.

Maria has taken a step back from her TV career as she recovers from a brain tumor that was diagnosed in February and said the experience has led her to seek a balance in her life: More fun, less work.

“I remember we were going to launch this earlier, but I just wasn’t ready yet. I wasn’t healthy enough.” Maria said.

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*Maria with her Mum Litsa

Maria's mother Litsa is also facing health issues, as she battles brain cancer, but was there on Tuesday to support her daughter.

"I'm very proud,. “How can you not be proud of all the things she has done?” Litsa said.

“Maria’s Greek Kitchen” will launch on Labor Day in America, September 4, just in time for the Boston Red Sox’s run for the post-season.

“I feel good,” Menounos said. “Overwhelmed with the love, so thank you guys.”

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