Top 20 Greek Summer Tracks 2017

Screen Shot 2017 08 30 at 4.59.11 pm

Screen Shot 2017 08 30 at 4.59.11 pm

And just like that it’s nearly time to say goodbye to another Greek summer!

No doubt those of you lucky enough to have spent time on the Aegean sea, over the last few months have some memorable and favourite Greek tracks that will conjure up images of your holiday every time you hear them!

So shake your frappe, or crack open your preference of alcohol (as we Greeks do, and please do so responsibly), sit back, fire up a tsigaro (we don’t endorse smoking but hey, again, it’s a Greek thing) and check out GCT’s Top 20 Greek tracks for Summer 2017, which will continue playing throughout Greek bars and clubs around the world for some time!

Screen Shot 2017 08 30 at 4.58.18 pmAgain it features some of our usual big name suspects such as Kiamos, Tsalikis,  Vissi and Ploutarhos.

Refreshingly though, these days we also get a lot of popular Greek tracks coming out from lesser known singers and they have a great reputation of giving us some absolute belters!

But when it comes to the number one track, Konstantinos Argyros was a dead set winner with his number one hit 'Ksimeromata'!

"Ξημερώματα δίνεις δικαιώματα

Μια δε μου μιλάς , μια μου λες πως μ' αγαπάς

Ξημερώματα γυρίζω και δεν με αναγνωρίζω

Ξημερώματα δίνεις δικαιώματα"

Watch the number 1 track right here and all the songs presented below are available via YouTube. OPA!

Top 20 Greek Summer Tracks 2017 →

  1. Kostantinos Argyros - Ksimeromata
  2. Anna Vissi - Kalokairina filia
  3. Nino - Mpam
  4. Marina Satti - Mantisaa
  5. Knockout - Ta Kalytera Paidia Exoun Psixologika
  6. Panos Kiamos - Sto Ftero
  7. Knock Out - Mia fotia
  8. Christos Menidiatis - Adynamia Mou
  9. Ilias Vrettos - Oute Mera Makria Sou
  10. Giorgos Tsalikis - Giatros
  11. Giorgos Livanis Ft Giannis Zissis - Vgeno Pino
  12. Kostantinos Koufos - Kentro Dierchomenon
  13. Petros Imvrios - Mynima Min Ksana Stileis
  14. Thanos Tzamis - Amartises
  15. Sasa Mpasta - Synecheia
  16. Eleni Foureira - To Kati Pou Exeis
  17. Giannis Ploutarxos - Pera Ap'Ta Matia Mou
  18. Ifgenia - Proti Agapi
  19. REC - Kardia Stin Ammo
  20. Sasa Basta ft. Nigma & Platon - Ti tou vrikes tou m*%#[email protected]


Dimitri Velentzas


DEEP END also known as DIMITRI VELEN, has become a house hold name within the Greek community thanks to his relentless love for Greek music & performances over 15 years at a variety of Greek bars & clubs in Australia and worldwide. Born with passion for music & in particular Greek tunes, he is now into his 16th year of DJ’ing and has also become GCT’s regular music man.