First day of Ecclesiastical Year, commemorating 40 Women Martyrs

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Today is the first day of the Ecclesiastical Year, the Church New Year, which is also called the beginning of the Indiction. According to Holy Tradition, Christ entered the synagogue on September 1 to announce His mission to mankind.

40 Women Martyrs at Heaclea, in Thrace is also commemorated in the Greek Orthodox Church on September 1, each year.

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The 40 Holy Virgins and Saint Ammoun the Deacon, were from Adrianopolis in Macedonia. Deacon Ammoun was their guide in Christian Faith. They were captured by Baudos the governor, and were tortured because they would not offer sacrifice to idols.

The holy martyrs endured many cruel torments, which were intended to force them to renounce Christ and worship idols. Later, they were sent to Heraclea in Thrace to appear before the tyrant Licinius. The valiant martyrs remained unshakeable, however.

St Ammoun and eight of the virgins were beheaded, ten virgins were burned, six of them died after heated metal balls were put into their mouths, six were stabbed with knives, and the rest were struck in the mouth and stabbed in the heart with swords.

Ο Αμμούν ήταν διάκονος στην Αδριανούπολη της Θράκης και δάσκαλος των 40 παρθένων και ασκητριών με τα κάτωθι ονόματα: Αδαμαντινή, Αθηνά, Ακριβή, Αρηβοία, Αντιγόνη, Ασπασία, Αφροδίτη, Διώνη, Δωδώνη, Ελπινίκη, Ερασμία, Ερατώ, Ερμηνεία, Ευτέρπη, Θάλεια, Θεανώ, Θεοφάνη, Θεονόη, Θεονύμφη, Καλλιρρόη, Καλλίστη, Κλειώ, Κλεονίκη, Κλεοπάτρα, Κοραλία, Λάμπρω, Μαργαρίτα, Μαριάνθη, Μελπομένη, Μόσχω, Ουρανία, Πανδώρα, Πηνελόπη, Πολύμνια, Πολυνίκη, Σαπφώ, Τερψιχόρη, Τρωάδα, Χάιδω, Χαρίκλεια.


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