Frappé Museum opening tomorrow at Thessaloniki International Fair

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Frappé is Greece's famous iced coffee and tomorrow, as the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair opens its doors to international visitors from across Europe and the rest of the world, there will be a “Frappé Museum powered by Nescafé”, which is the first of its kind for this famous Greek beverage.

Founded by Nestlé Hellas and the fair’s organisers, the museum will present the history of frappé, which is said to have been invented 60 years ago by Nestlé employee Dimitris Vakondios, during the 22nd Thessaloniki International Fair. It will also include information on its production, its “myths and truths”, plus tips on making a great frappé, the organisers said in an announcement.

Frappé coffee is an iced coffee drink made from instant coffee, sugar, ice cubes, water and the option of milk. It is considered to be among Greeks’ favourite coffee drinks, especially during the warmer months.

According to TIF-Helexpo, back during the 22nd TIF, Vakondios tried to make a Nescafé coffee but he couldn’t find any hot water and decided to improvise by putting two spoons of Nescafé in a shaker and mixed it with cold water, thus created the Nescafé Frappé.

The “Frappé Museum” will operate on pavilion 11 within the TIF-Helexpo premises in Thessaloniki. A bar will also open its doors on the museum’s rooftop, where visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the authentic experience of a Nescafé Frappé, in a scenery inspired by the Greek summer.

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