Europe’s largest holiday operator expands presence in Greece


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Europe’s leading holiday operator TUI Group plans to expand in Greece, signalling confidence in the country’s tourism sector, which broke all time records this year.

TUI on Friday announced that it will open 10 new five- and four-star hotels addressed to upscale markets and it will also be adding more visits from cruise ships to Greek ports.

Tourism is Greece’s economic strength, accounting for about a fifth of annual output of 180 billion euro and a fifth of jobs. This year Greece has hit an all time record with tourists and is expected to peak at 30 million.

“We have been here for 40 years and we will be here for another 40,” TUI CEO Friedrich Joussen said after meeting Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. “I see a greater future for tourism in Greece.”

As well as expanding its asset base of 32 hotels and adding cruise port destinations, TUI was ready to join in efforts to extend the tourist season beyond the summer, according to Mr Joussen.

“It is a great opportunity for us. We will grow our business,” in the hotel and cruise port sector, he said.

“Infrastructure is the fuel for the overall prosperity of the economy and society,” he added.

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