234 refugees to be relocated from Greece to France



The French Embassy in Athens has confirmed that 234 refugees currently in Greece will be transferred to France this week as part of the EU and International Organisation for Migration (IOM) refugee relocation programme.

The group of 234 consists of 132 adults and 102 children, mst of them are families of two to nine people (182 out of the total), 190 are Syrians, 11 Palestinians, 27 Iraqis, and six are stateless persons.

According to figures, France has so far relocated 4,091 asylum seekers in Greece out of 20,471 people relocated in all EU countries, that is,  20 % of the total (according to figures up to October 6). Of the asylum seekers relocated to France, 80 % are from Syria, 15% from Iraq, 2% from Eritrea and 2% from Palestine.

“France is fully engaged in the process of refugee relocation, which is an important sign of solidarity among the member states’’ said a statement from the French Embassy.

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.