One of two Albanians arrested for murder of Zafiropoulos

Murder suspect


Police authorities in the city of Patra arrested a suspect believed to part of the duo responsible for the murder of prominent lawyer Michalis Zafiropoulos on October 12 in central Athens.

The suspect, 32-year-old Albanian Roma, was found in a Roma settlement as he was preparing to leave for Albania. He was found to have escaped from jail.

The second man being sought is believed to have escaped to Albania.

According to the police, three inmates serving long jail sentences who were transferred from Korydallos prison to Greek police headquarters to testify are under suspicion as intermediaries who contracted the two Albanians on behalf of an Albanian crime ring.

The two men intended to put pressure on Zafiropoulos to intervene in their dealings with one of his clients, with whom they had 'unfinished business'. They are believed to have murdered the lawyer during their attempt to intimidate him.

The 32 -year-old is in police custody since his arrest on Saturday.

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