Greece invites Arab world to invest

Prime Minister Tsipras

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Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras invited the Arab world to invest in Greece on Thursday during the two-day Euro-Arab Summit taking place in Athens.

"There is a certainty that Greece is exiting the crisis, that Greece has crossed the Rubicon of the crisis," said Tsipras, noting that this was apparent in more than just the figures. He also pointed to Greece's position as "a geopolitically crucial country and a very attractive destination for investments."

During his speech Tsipras made reference to ‘historic bonds’ with the Arab world and that Greece plays an important role in shared economic growth, cooperation and peace in the region.

"The European Union can upgrade its international role only if it cooperates with the Arab world for peace and stability in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen; with determination but always on the basis of international law, while simultaneously learning from the mistakes of the past," noted Tsipras.

"Many of the major challenges we are facing in Europe can be addressed only through a comprehensive policy for the Mediterranean and through the strengthening of relations with the Arab world," underlined the Greek Prime Minister.

"It is clear that the European Union must support the rapid resumption of credible talks on the Palestinian issue, aiming at a fair solution based on the co-existence of two states that live together in security."

The foundation of an independent, viable state of Palestine based on the borders of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital is the Greek position and one that Athens has supported for many years, said Tsipras.

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