‘Medicane’ rare storm could hit Greece with wild winds

Screen Shot 2017 11 16 at 1.15.15 pm

Screen Shot 2017 11 16 at 1.15.15 pm

Severe weather has hit Greece and the south central Mediterranean this week, with torrential rain along with powerful winds and high waves affecting Greece and Italy, in particular.

Deadly flash flooding occurred on the outskirts of Athens and reports claim the storm system responsible for this horrendous weather will become more severe.

Computer models show the storm will become a small but powerful hybrid system with some of the characteristics of a tropical cyclone typically found in the North Atlantic Ocean Basin.

These storms, known as "medicanes," are rare and meteorologists expect the storm to move south and east of Italy through Thursday, while intensifying and then moving to the coast of Greece, where it could bring damaging winds, heavy rain, high waves and other hazards.

By late this week and into the weekend, the storm, whether it be purely tropical system or a hybrid storm, is said to be located just southwest of the Greek coast, with heavy rain and severe thunderstorms affecting the nation.

Greece is set for a wet and wild few days ahead, as well as areas in Bulgaria and Turkey.

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