Greek youth protesters clash with Police

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki to mark the anniversary of the 1973 crackdown on a student uprising against the military dictatorship then ruling Greece.

More than 5,000 officers were on duty in Athens for the demonstration, which commemorates those who died on November 17 against the 1967-74 junta. The annual march in the Greek capital to the U.S. Embassy, commemorates those who died in the crackdown by the junta. The sidewalk outside the embassy was blocked off by police buses.

Hundreds of youths attacked police, hurling rocks, flares and gas bombs following large and peaceful marches to mark the 1973 anniversary. Protesters also hurled dozens of petrol bombs as they confronted police in narrow streets in the heart of the city. Police fired tear gas at the protesters.

Youths clashed with police in Greece’s two largest cities, injuring two bystanders. Reports claim a woman was hospitalised with burns in Athens after being hit in the thigh with a flare during the clashes.

In Thessaloniki, a motorcycle driver was taken to hospital after driving into a barricade set up by protesters.

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.