Politique Internationale rewards Greek PM for ‘political courage’

Paris-based magazine Politique Internationale awarded Greek PM Alexis Tsipras for his ‘political courage’ in a ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel on Thursday.

The magazine’s director and founder Patrick Wasjman awarded the Greek PM the Prix du Courage politique” (Political Courage Prize) and praise Tsipras for daring to make decisions that ultimately benefited both Greece and Europe. He called him a man with courage and convictions, noting that few men before him had succeeded in making the radical Left the most powerful political force in Greece. It had also taken great courage to go against the troika and the supporters of austerity, Wasjman noted.

Accepting the award Alexis Tsipras said his government’s objective at this time in history is to plan a future without the mistakes of the past, in which Greece will have a different production model that is modern, sustainable and fair.

“This award does not belong to me but to the Greek people and I accept it in their name.The courage is the courage shown by the Greek people all these years, in very difficult conditions.”

He noted that the government had stuck to its plan and what it considered best for the majority, successfully resisting the “sirens” and “gradually guiding the ship called Greece and the ship called Europe to calmer waters.

“We avoided both a disorderly and an orderly default, as well as the plans made by some extreme circles for Greece’s exit from the eurozone; we stood on our feet and continue the struggle. The economy is recovering quite

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