Vassilis Zoulias stunning collection presented in Athens


Vassilis Zoulias Greek fashion

Since the time I watched the show of Vassilis Zoulias, I have been eagerly awaiting for his next one. Maybe it's because I'm a lover of old Athens and the romantic vintage allure, the two main characteristics of Vassilis Zoulias’ creations. This October, he presented his Spring-Summer 2018 collection, entitled “Women in the Garden” (Spring Edition), inspired by the painting of Claude Monet, within the 22nd Athens Xclusive Designers Week at the garden of Zappeion Megaro.

Vassilis Zoulias Greek fashion

Under the attic sky, in the heart of Athens, in a wonderful garden with a magnificent fountain, Zoulias’ first Prêt-à-Couture collection, combining Haute Couture with Prêt-à-porter started, accompanied by the Athens Philharmonic Orchestra, with melodies from the classic films by Federico Fellini.

Vassilis Zoulias Greek fashion

The designer, is faithful to romanticism and femininity, however this time he also added the element of surprise. The show began with Mara Desipri and many well-known models such as Vicky Kayia, Dorothea Merkouri and Ester Mastrogiannis followed, revealing the gorgeous creations of Vassilis Zoulias. The designs, once again, were intense, but we noticed a few different elements that functioned as a renewed injection.

Vassilis Zoulias Greek fashion

To be more specific, Vassilis Zoulias turned his show into a tableau vivant where linen sets, deux pieces of tailored jackets, shorts and pants and exciting manto alternated with light-hearted resort and evening cocktail dresses.

Vassilis Zoulias

The lines remained flattering, revealing the female curves, and the tightly designed coats. Peplum details, coats and accessories, like floral earrings, were the ones that gave a special mark on the result, making Zappeion's atrium reminiscent of old Athens, something that Vassilis Zoulias has done, ever since he built his fashion house.

Greek designer

The bold jewellery by Pericles Kondylatos highlighted the exotic chic style with the show's philosophy, while the unique footwear reinforced the outfits and were designed specifically by VK Conis.

Athens fashion week

The elegant silhouettes of the 'Women in the Garden' collection took place in the idyllic setting of Zappeion's garden, creating a beautiful scenery of vintage romance and indescribable elegance.

Now who doesn’t want to be part of this beauty?

Photos: Studio Panoulis (Copyright) 

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