Greek Policeman kills wife, mother-in-law and child in Athens

Greek policeman kills family

Greek policeman kills family

by Aggelos Skordas

An unspeakable family tragedy was written on Monday morning in Athens’ western suburb of Agioi Anargyroi when 47-year-old police officer Christos Zapandiotis killed his 42-year-old wife, his three-year-old daughter and his mother-in-law in cold blood before turning his service handgun onto himself, putting an end to his own life. The four bodies were discovered early on Monday noon when a worried relative -who was informed that the 42-year-old doctor was absent from her work- broke in to the family’s apartment.

Greek police officer
*Source: Eurokinnisi!

According to his descriptions, the two women were lying dead in a lake of blood, while the infant’s body was found in the couple’s bedroom, next to her suicide father. The police consider it possible that the murders and the suicide of the police officer occurred early in the morning or late at night, as none of the neighbours heard the gunshots. The exact time of the heinous triple murder will be ascertained by the coroner’s and the forensics department investigation. Concerning the causes of the murder, police is examining possible financial differences between the offender and his in-laws. In particular, they are focusing on information according to which he was requesting the transfer of property from his mother-in-law to his wife.

It should be noted that the 47-year-old police officer was a member of the Parliament guard and had been detached to the personal guard of former Prime Minister Costas Simitis since 1996. He was accompanying Simitis last Sunday on a visit to Ioannina and as his colleagues pointed out he had given no signs of emotional distress. According to police sources, in 2011 he successfully passed a psychological screening to test his suitability for the force.

“It is an unspeakable family tragedy. Christos Zapandiotis was a top professional and excellent in his work all the years he served in my personal security. I am devastated by the tragic incident. My warmest condolences to the two families”, a press release issued by Simitis reads.

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