What name should FYROM be given? Have your say

FYROM name dispute

Greek City Times has decided to give its 150,000 plus followers the opportunity to have their say in the ongoing naming dispute between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, by asking them for their own ‘name’ suggestions.

Have your say and we will make representations to the Greek Government and embassies around the world.

The political class of both countries has failed their people’s in the 20-year-old dispute which has seen the distortion of truth and history normalized to the extent that now, FYROM is commonly referred to as ‘Macedonia’ by most media outlets and people around the world.

It makes perfect sense: Who would want to use the cumbersome long winded ‘former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’? But now, with the impending negotiations between Greece and FYROM about to take place, there is speculation that Greece will propose a composite name which will include the word ‘Macedonia’ with a geographical indicator, eg ‘Northern Macedonia’. Again, this is absurd and will not resolve anything.

Why? Simply because media outlets and people again will not use the ‘northern’ part of the name and continue to refer to FYROM as ‘Macedonia’

Greek City Times, its readership and most Greeks around the world believe that the new name for FYROM must not allow room for misinterpretation or for confusion relating to the Greek province of Macedonia, whether it be in a geographic, ethnic, linguistic or historical context.

So, what name would you suggest for FYROM?

Simply post your suggestions on our Facebook comments @greekcitytimes.

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  1. Their name was Vardarska Banovina under Yugoslavia so I think a good suitable name that suits the history of that region (except for the fact that the south was Northern Macedonia/Pelagonia) is Republic of Vardarska (or Vardar)