Pretty snow falls over Chania Pelion

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Chania Pelion

Chania Pelion received large amounts of beautiful snow over the weekend, creating a winter wonderland across this marvellous mountainous village.

Chania is located at the top of the mountain and this is the highest village of Pelion. The many hotels attract thousands of visitors during the winter, who come to enjoy the ski centre in Agriolefkes, at an altitude of 1529 metres.


This mountainous hamlet is situated in a forest of pine and beech trees and is 26km from Volos and 13km from Portaria.

Chania is actually the passage from the east to the west of Pelion. In the old days, travellers and traders used to stop for the night at the hostels in the village, and from this was derived the name Chania, which means hostels in Greek.

Chania Pelion

Chania Pelion

After Portaria, the central road goes up markedly with many bends, offering a magnificent view of Volos and Pagasitikos Gulf as well as of the mountain summits of Pelion.

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Seeing the mountains snowed under is just stunning and these images over the last 24 hours proves just how gorgeous this region in Greece really is.

*Images from @volos_gr

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