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George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos set to become number 1 boxer in the World

5 years ago

George Kambosos Jr is a 24-year-old Greek Australian professional boxer who is known as ‘Ferocious’ for his style in the ring, the way he trains and the fear he brings to his opponents leading in to their fights. This has earned him many titles including being ranked 5th in World Boxing Association, 13th in the World Boxing Organisation for the Lightweight In The World category, World Boxing Association Oceania Champion, International Boxing Federation Pan Pacific Champion and Australia’s number 1.

“When people watch my fights they’ll see the intensity, the aggression, the savagery I inflict on my opponents, which can only be defined as FEROCIOUS.”

George began boxing at the age of 12 to help with fitness, as he was playing junior rugby league. It also benefited him in losing some kilos as he was an overweight 12-year-old kid at 60kg, who was shy, low in confidence and bullied at school.

Today, as an elite professional boxer rated number 5 in the World and number 1 in Australia, he is the most focused fighter in the world, with a very intense training routine. Everyday, 2 to 3 sessions of training is a must for George, where he starts early mornings hitting the streets with intense roadwork anywhere between 8-12kms. Later, his midday sessions focus on strength, condition and performance sessions which involve a wide range of different training methods to make his body strong, fast and dynamic. Before the final session of the day which is boxing, he rests and sleeps. He focuses on the game plan leading into his fights, mastering his combinations, his footwork and his angles.

For the boxing training session, George notes that he does many rounds which include shadow boxing, pad work, sparring, heavy bags, floor to ceilings and speedballs. In between all his sessions and in his daily life he also keeps a very healthy and clean diet routine, which helps when training at an elite level.

When asked what his favourite strike is to use in any fight, George replied, “as a boxer you must enjoy every strike and every combination, mastering them all is vital at top level. But my go-to punch is definitely the most important punch in boxing- the jab. This sets up combinations, gives range against an opponent especially when you have one of the fastest jabs and punches in the world.”

Being in the ring, where it is do or die, and where every second George is in that ring, in front of another man who is trying to take away everything he has worked years for, George can’t express in words how much he loves it.

“The sheer savagery of boxing, one of the rawest things you can do, where it’s man against man, takes me back to the Spartans, gives me motivation to make sure I leave that ring with victory for myself, my family and all my supporters around the world. That feeling makes me want to fight forever, unfortunately as we know you can’t beat time, so its all about right now becoming World Champion.”

*With 8 division 13 time world champion Manny Pacquiao

Mr. “Ferocious” from young had the goal and vision of becoming World Champion and believes that 2018 is his year as he is in a great position at World number 5 and the youngest and hungriest fighter in the ratings. It will be massive for George and means the world to him, but also knows it will only be the start of going on to win multiple world titles, and the focus will remain the same once he wins it.

George credits many amazing boxers from years back and has had the likes of sparring 50 rounds with an all time great Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino professional boxer who currently ranks number 4 in the greatest pound for pound boxers of all time, but he would love to fight with Roberto Duran, Panamanian former professional boxer and currently the 15th greatest pound for pound boxer of all time, who is regarded as the best lightweight ever and says he would love to test his style and see what he brings against an all time great.

For those who inspire to become a boxer like George, he has some advice he would like to share, “You have to be super focused on your dream and never lose sight of it, train harder than anyone else and always go that extra round and last of all be prepared to sacrifice a lot to reach your dream.”


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