Young Greek Australian millionaire proves hard work pays off


Sam Auscoin

Sam Karagiozis left school at the age of 15 and like many teenagers began working at McDonald’s, to earn some cash. From young, Sam knew the only way to make real money was to work hard and felt his experience at the world’s largest fast food chain was the best way to learn first-hand valuable skills, which could help set him up for the future.

Sam couldn’t have been more spot on.

Today, the 26-year-old has built a $15 million dollar empire and is not only referred to as a serial entrepreneur but is also known as one of Australia’s youngest property tycoons.

Born in Melbourne, to Greek parents, Sam was always proud of his Greek culture and heritage. As a child, he also felt the stress and financial burden placed on his family as his parents struggled to make ends meet. On weekends, unlike most of his friends who were out playing sport, Sam made his way to the local markets and sold items from his family home that were no longer needed.

At the age of 16, he moved out of home and began his first official business venture, Hellas Nutrition and by the age of 18, Sam relaunched the supplement business and Ausbodybuilding Supplements was born.

This was a key move for Sam’s growth in the business world and during this time, he also commenced working in the security industry, all whilst maintaining his full-time job at McDonald's. From the age of 18-24, his average working week consisted of 80-90 hours.

Sam Auscoin

Sam is now living proof that dedication, passion and hard work pays off, and he also spends his time trying to motivate others to make a change for the better.

“It has not been without struggle, but the struggle has certainly been worth it. From turmoil came triumph. From financial struggle came financial success. Your life circumstances do not define who you are as a person or what you are destined to become,” he says.

Fast forward to 2018 and there is no slowing him down. Sam currently owns two busy Greek restaurants, has an impressive property portfolio and is also the Founder of Auscoin.

Greek City Times recently had a chat to Sam, who is one of Australia’s leading experts on Bitcoin, about cryptocurrency, which has become one of the hottest topics in the finance world, as well as finding out how this inspiring young man turned his life around.


You are described as a “serial entrepreneur” tell us more about your current ventures?

I absolutely am! I love the hustle! I currently own a few companies.

- Souvlaki GR Thornbury & Souvlaki GR St Kilda. It was always a dream to own a Greek restaurant. We are 3 months away from opening our 3rd location in Queensland. My plan is to open 12 across Australia.

- SK Property. We own a solid Property Portfolio and are always building and purchasing more. We went form 1 Property in 2015 to 7 Properties by 2017.

- SK BTC. I buy and sell bitcoin to people through Australia. We have transacted over $30 million dollars over the past 3 years.

- AUSCOIN. This is the future. We have developed our own Cryptocurrency. This without doubt has been my largest project to date!

What did you learn from beginner mistakes?

I opened my first business when I was 15. It was called Hellas Nutrition. The biggest mistake I made was to rush. When opening a new business, you need a plan. I find it's best to write down your goals, when you want to achieve them, as well as a detailed plan as to how you will succeed.

Have you always been a risk taker?

No. My family brought me up not to take risks and go with the heard. I quickly learnt that you need to take risks in order to succeed. That's what I do!

What are your business strengths?

My main strength as a business man is my ability to always put in the hard work and believe in myself. No matter how bad things get.

When did you hear about Bitcoin and how did you become involved?

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2012. I thought it was amazing! First thing I did was turn it in to a business. I started to broker bitcoin and am now one of Australia's Largest Bitcoin Brokers!

Can you please explain to us in brief how Bitcoin works?

Bitcoin is simple. It's a virtual online currency. There are 3 key differences between Bitcoin and cash. Firstly, you can't see or touch it. Secondly, it has a limited supply, unlike cash which can keep being printed. Thirdly, it's peer-to-peer, essentially meaning there is no bank or 3rd party authority. This makes it much better for the users.

Now tell us more about Auscoin?

Auscoin is big. Our vision is to bring Bitcoin to the people for Mainstream Adoption. Bitcoin is looking more and more like a Digital Gold. Auscoin has many functions. Firstly, a 1200 ATM Roll-Out through-out Australia. 1% of all transactions will get put back in to the Auscoin Network so all token holders of Auscoin can benefit. The Second Part of Auscoin is to become Australia's preferred payment method. We have been in talks with over 100 retailers to accept Auscoin as payment. We recently signed on world class professional tennis player, Nick Kygrios to the Auscoin Group.

When are you planning on launching nationwide?

AUSCOIN is available overseas already. Everyone is invited to participate in the Pre-ICO which will commence soon. To be a part of it, you need to register

What would you say to sceptics?

Do your due-diligence. Bitcoin is far from a gamble, but I believe everyone should do their own research before investing in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for that matter.

What is your advice to people who are looking to invest in Auscoin?

My advice is simple. If you like what we are doing, don't hesitate. We are going to change the nation and want you to be involved!

Will you hit the market worldwide?

We are currently in talks with our contacts in Dubai, Qatar, Cyprus and of course, Greece! Don't be fooled by the name, AUSCOIN we will make waves around the world!

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