Protestors march in Skopje burning Greek flag

Skopje protest

Protesters rallied in Skopje late Tuesday for the government to call off talks with Greece, which is aimed at settling the decades-long name dispute.

Reports claim 5,000 protesters marched from the main Orthodox cathedral in Skopje past the European Union office, chanting “Macedonia! Macedonia!” and waving national flags, while a Greek flag was burned during the march.

FYROM protest

Head of FYROM Congress, Todor Petrov, told the protesters that changing the country’s name would be tantamount to committing treason.

“Our country has a name….To change it would mean that the ‘Macedonian’ identity would be permanently lost,” he said.

As reported by Greek City Times earlier today, FYROM’s PM Zoran Zaev has put forward four names, all which include the term “Macedonia.”

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