Traditional Kafeneio, a part of Greek history & culture


A traditional Kafeneio can be found in every Greek town, village, island and city and it’s not just a place where you go to grab a coffee, it’s a way of living and a big part of daily Greek culture.

On every corner of Greece, from the most buzzing spot in town to the most remote mountainous village, Greeks will spend long hours at the Kafeneio catching up with friends and family.

The Kafeneio dates back many centuries and was a meeting place for card games, Tavli (backgammon), Greek coffee, Ouzo, Raki, Tsipouro, and needless to say, lots of debates and heated conversations. The Kafeneio was traditionally a place where men would gather and spend their time chatting, drinking and relaxing. Women of course were also welcome, however it was more common for men to hang out at the local Kafeneio.

These days, the traditional Kafeneio in Greece is being taken over by the Kafeteria (modern café) where you will find an equal amount of men and women of all ages enjoying the coffee culture, however the Kafeneio will always remain a part of Greek history and tradition.

Today, we take a look at some Kafeneia that still remain original and have been serving coffee for over 200 years.

Kafeneio in Lafkos village, South Pelion

The oldest café in Greece is 242 years old, located in Lafkos village, South Pelion, it is still open every day, serving locals and visitors alike.

Panelinion Kafeneio

The Panelinion Kafeneio in Amfissa, Delphi is more than just a place that serves coffee, it has become an institution in this part of town.

Plagia Kafeneio

Plagia Kafeneio is found on Ikaria, the famous island where locals live a long, healthy life thanks to the organic produce and plenty of cups of coffee a day!

Mougou Kafeneio

Kafeneio tou Mougou in Astypalia, is one of the eldest cafes in Greece, which remains in its original condition and is still open every night of the week.

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