Why Greek yoghurt is one of the top superfoods of the world


Yogurt has always held a special place in the Greek diet and this dates back to ancient times. In fact, ancient Greeks called it oxygala, and it was a food that they loved.

Traditional Greek yogurt is made from cow’s or sheep’s milk and contains valuable bacteria which has a positive effect on the entire digestive tract and system.

These good bacterias include the Lactobaccilus, which research has shown to have cancer-fighting properties. Greek yoghurt also enhances digestion, provides all of the nutrients of milk (protein, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B complex and others). This is why it’s by far an all-round superfood that is loved worldwide!

What is the difference between Greek yoghurt and regular yoghurt?

Besides texture, here are some other differences between regular and Greek yogurt:

  • Protein- Greek yogurt has almost double the protein of regular yogurt.
  • Fat- Unless you’re using the nonfat varieties, Greek yogurt has about three times the saturated fat than regular yogurt.
  • Sodium- Greek yogurt contains about half the sodium of regular yogurt.
  • The reason that Greek yogurt is so much thicker and creamier than regular yogurt is because the whey is strained off of it. Whey is the milk’s watery component, which remains after the milk has curdled. Removing that liquid is what gives Greek yogurt its denser consistency.
  • Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt.
  • Greek yogurt is considered a superfood partly because it provides more protein than regular yogurt. A 170 gram (six ounce) serving of Greek yogurt has just as much protein as 85 grams (three ounces) of lean meat, which makes it a great alternative source of protein. Plus, it’ll keep you fuller for longer than regular yogurt will.

*Healthy snack- Greek yogurt with honey & walnuts

Benefits of Greek Yogurt

The most impressive benefits of Greek yogurt include the following:

  • Improving your gut health
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Aids muscle growth
  • Strengthens your bones

If you are wondering how you can include Greek yogurt to your diet, it’s a great breakfast option, so you can add it onto your cereal or fruit. For a healthy snack there is nothing better than Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts and don’t forget Tzatziki dip, which is made with Greek yogurt!

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