Cab drivers attack Uber taxis in Athens

Athens uber

Athens uber

Athens commuters were left stranded on Monday as taxi drivers were on strike, protesting at competition from ride-sharing firm Uber, which coincided with a rail workers 24-hour strike.

"For three years we have been fighting against Uber's illegal and arbitrary incursion into transport," read a statement from the Athens taxi drivers' union Sata.

uber taxi Athens
*Taxi drivers attacking colleague on the job

Sata pointed out it has been urging the Greek government to regulate the sector, invoking a European Court of Justice ruling from December which found Uber must accept regulation and licensing across EU states as a taxi operator.

taxi strike athens
*Taxi drivers on strike

In several incidents the striking taxi drivers attacked Uber taxis and also fellow cab drivers who refused to join the work stoppage.

In at least one incident, strikers approached an Uber taxi, surrounded it and started to kick the vehicle. This occurred outside the offices of Taxi Drivers Union (SATA) in Marnis Street in downtown Athens, where protesters gathered.

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