91-year-old Cretan man, eldest student in Greece

91-year-old Michalis Fanourakis

Cretan man

91-year-old Michalis Fanourakis is the oldest student in Greece and is attending not one, but two universities.  Although he loved studying from a young age, he did not manage to further his education due to the Second World War and instead became a farmer from a young.

However, he never stopped reading newspapers and books, with his wife encouraging him at all times to read as much as possible.

Mr. Fanourakis is now studying at the Open People’s University and at the University of Hersonissos.

“Do you know how good it is for me, a 91-year-old coming to school and sitting next to a young person to chat? My goal is to spend the rest of my life without any regrets,” he told Greek media.

“As long as a person lives and breathes, he must read, be informed and participate in what is happening around him,” said the 91-year-old student.  “I may not have had the chance to study when I had to, but I’m studying now and I’m happy,” said the gentleman who is an inspiration to all.

*Photo source- neakriti.gr

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