Greece’s countryside rich in healing herbs says expert

Greek herbs

Greek herbs

Greece’s countryside is rich in aromatic and healing herbs, which are more powerful than elsewhere in the world due to the nation’s great climate and soil conditions.

“Most of the time Greek herbs contain a greater number of bioactive ingredients and this is due to soil conditions in Greece, which are suitable for the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants,” said Petros Tsantilis, the President of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition and Professor of Organic Chemical Analysis of Natural Products at the Agricultural University of Athens, to ANA.

“It is a forgotten treasure for health and the economy,” he said, and also added “if existing cooperatives and individual small producers act collectively and if everyone proceeds to produce certified, good-quality standardised and packaged products, proper marketing will then help exports to grow, bringing economic benefits for both the producers and the Greek economy.”

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