Skopje’s Foreign Minister says they want to share with Greece the “cultural heritage” of Macedonia

Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister

In a statement that has Greeks up in arms, Skopje’s Foreign Minister Nicholas Dimitrov has called on Greece and Skopje to “share Macedonia’s cultural heritage.” However, he did not specify what he means by “cultural heritage”, while talking to journalists at a joint press conference he gave with his Polish counterpart, Jacek Tsapukovic.

Dimitrov also said he was optimistic about the talks between Greece and Skopje on the name issue.

“We are two countries of 21st century Europe that share the geographical region of Macedonia, we must find a way to share such a cultural heritage, even when they mean different things or put different emphasis on it,” said the Foreign Minister.

He also stressed that the situation with the negotiations with Greece is changing every day while he argued that Skopje is doing everything possible to achieve a decent compromise that will be accepted by both sides.

“We are trying to find a solution that addresses the concerns of both sides regarding the distinction between the state of” Macedonia “and the Macedonia region in Greece, he said, clarifying that the distinction” should be dignified and not involve issues of identity on both sides. “

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