Greece's supergroup VEGAS Live in Sydney



Greek urban pop music band VEGAS have been one of the hottest acts in the Greek entertainment industry for the last eight years and they are heading to Sydney, next week where they will be performing all their hits plus the latest Laika and dance floor tracks.

GCT recently had a chat to the group about their upcoming performance, which is set to rock!

When did you begin performing together?

We formed the group in 2009, Vegas is the brightest star of the Lyra constellation so it became the inspiration for the band’s name.

Who are the faces behind VEGAS?

ZeRaw, the MC of the group was born in Zimbabwe and came to Greece with his parents at the age of five. Before VEGAS was formed he was a member of Tang Ram band.

Katerina Koukourakis, the singer of the group was born and raised in Crete and is a former contestant from the talent show Greek Idol and replaced the previous singer of the group Melina Makris in 2017.

DJ Airth, the DJ of the group was born and raised in Athens, he also is a former member of Tang Ram band and together with Zeraw they formed VEGAS.

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How would you describe your music style?

Our music is POP and to be precise URBAN POP and we always try to infuse elements of the Greek culture in it.

Tell us about your recent single?

Our latest single is called “Otan Me Filas'' and it's a modernised disco song with a lot of influence from today's international hip hop scene. In the music video we have cameos from the most popular greek Vlogger ''Mikri Ollandeza'' and a living legend of Greek pop, Mr Giannis Floriniotis!

What can your Aussie fans expect next week?

The most certain is a pleasant surprise because we sing almost everything! From pop to rock from hip hop to Laika. It's most definetly something you have never seen before!

It’s been a few years since you last performed in Sydney, what are you looking forward to when you arrive?

To have a great time with the Sydney crowd (they are amazing) like last time and also to visit Melbourne because last time we didn't get the chance to do so.


Saturday 24th March @ Max Watts - Fox Studios Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

Support act: Themis Ioakimidis (guitar/vocals), Nathan Pylarinos (bouzouki), John Iogothetis (keyboard)

Tickets: from $79

Call: 0418 451 481

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