Greece’s Vasilis Kalogeridis named best pilot in NATO

Greek pilot Nato
*Vasilis Kalogeridis

Squadron Leader Vasilis Kalogeridis has been named NATO's best pilot and was voted as the top combat trainer everyone would choose to fly with in combat operations.

The pilot achieved the highest distinction after participating in the Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) for 2018 on the Albacete Air Base in Spain.

Kalogeridis was named "Course Warrior" in the NATO Top Gun and is the pilot who NATO fighters would like to have by their side in a situation where necessary.

Greek NATO

Greece’s 335 Squad executives Air Force have also received extraordinary reviews for their level of education, their regular perception, and their effectiveness in all missions which they have been asked to perform. Specifically, the Greek team "Velos" achieved the highest score amongst other participants, under the leadership of Georgios Skourgia.

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