Dementia Garden for Saint Basil’s Hellenic Village

Dementia Garden for Saint Basil's Hellenic Village 4
*Miranda MP Eleni Petinos (left) wish St Basil’s resident

Miranda MP Eleni Petinos has announced $16,500 funding for a dementia garden at St Basil’s Hellenic Village in Miranda.

“Residents at St Basil’s will soon be able to enjoy their new dementia garden, which will be a therapeutic space for people living with dementia thanks to this funding from the NSW Government,” Ms Petinos said.

Dementia Garden for Saint Basil's Hellenic Village 5

The funding will be used to purchase outdoor furniture and complete landscaping to create a garden for residents living with dementia.

“The dementia garden will be an inviting and joyous space where families and friends can visit, and where a range of activities such as horticultural therapy can be arranged,” Ms Petinos added.

Dementia Garden for Saint Basil's Hellenic Village 6

Dementia gardens are designed in such a way that residents are drawn outside and then taken on a journey of discovery that doesn’t require remembering why they are there.

“The aim of the project is to increase the quality of life for people living with dementia and help raise community awareness, understanding and visits,” Ms Petinos said.

“This unique garden is an investment in our whole community as St Basil’s will invite other groups to share the space and participate in joint programs.”

Dementia Garden for Saint Basil's Hellenic Village 7

St Basil’s is a local South Sydney aged care facility which offers independent retirement living apartments as well as around 100 beds for residents who require the highest levels of care including those suffering from dementia.

“I am delighted that this investment will bring joy to those living with dementia and thank St Basil’s for building an even safer and caring environment for their residents,” Ms Petinos added.

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